Frama Mailmark Franking Machines

Frama manufacture and deliver their suite of franking machines from their HQ in Switzerland, and from here they can supply their range of Mailmark and normal franking machines to the world. Frama are the smallest franking machine manufacturer out of all 4 manufacturers, and they operate in many countries including England, which enables Frama to supply franking machines in the West Midlands. Franking Machines West Midlands understand that Frama are releasing a new breed of Mailmark compatible franking machines so that they can comply with the new Mailmark service and provide West Midlands businesses with their franking machines.

Frama’s range of Mailmark Franking Machines is:

• Matrix F12
• Matrix F22
• Matrix F32
• Matrix F42
• Matrix F62
• Matrix F82

However, Frama have advised that none of their current range of Matrix or older franking machines are going to become Mailmark compatible, meaning that if you want a low cost Mailmark franking machine then you can get one from Franking Machines West Midlands, or you can keep your current franking machine as you can still frank without Mailmark, except you will not receive the Mailmark advantages.

Frama older Franking Machines

Luckily, Franking Machines West Midlands can tell you that you can still use Frama’s old range of franking machines if you want to, as it is perfectly fine to still frank mail using the Ecomail or Matrix F2. The only difference being that you will not gain access to Mailmark.

The Frama Franking Machines that are still available to buy, but are not Mailmark compatible are:

• Mailspirit
• Ecomail
• Officemail
• Accessmail
• Matrix F2
• Matrix F2L
• Matrix F4
• Matrix F4L
• Matrix F6

None of the above franking machines are to become Mailmark compatible, but you can still use them to frank your mail. If you would like to buy some franking machine supplies for any of these franking machines, simply visit the Franking Machines West Midlands Home page and search through our range of supplies. We are part of Mailcoms, and so you can trust Franking Machines West Midlands franking machine supplies to work in your Frama franking machine as our inks are Royal Mail approved and our labels & envelopes are reliable and versatile.

Here at Franking Machines West Midlands, we can offer you a low cost franking machine quote for similar franking machine to any of the machines listed in this blog. Franking Machines West Midlands can offer you low cost franking machines and save your business money. If you would like a low cost franking machine quote, simply contact us on our contact details at the bottom of our home page or fill in our contact form and receive a low cost franking machine quote quickly.

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